GUNDAM - RE 1/100 Rebawoo [PRE-ORDER]

GUNDAM - RE 1/100 Rebawoo [PRE-ORDER]

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GUNDAM - RE 1/100 Rebawoo

    The exquisite embellishment and vivid red hue of the Rebawoo mobile suit demonstrate its amazing full-frontal design. Neo Zeon's 'Sleeves' MS Rebawoo with Psycho Frame from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" MSV is now available in GunPla as part of the RE/100 series.

    The AMX-107R ReBawoo is a mobile suit introduced in the short animation "Mobile Suit Gundam UC: One of Seventy Two." It is a modified version of the AMX-107 Bawoo, renovated by the Neo Zeon remnants known as the Sleeves. The ReBawoo features Psycho-Frame technology in its lower torso (ReBawoo Nutter) and around the cockpit (ReBawoo Attacker), enhancing coordination during separation and allowing Newtype pilots to control it more easily.

    The Rebawoo kit was extensively reworked for the RE/100 series, resulting in deep detailing and a clever separation/transformation mechanism. Significant changes include updated modeling for the head, chest, arms, legs, shield, and backpack. The breast mark is precisely replicated in molded hues, and special stickers capture the detailed colors and engravings.

    Variety of Weapons
    The Rebawoo is equipped with an array of weapons, including newly shaped shields, beam rifles, grenade launchers, beam axes, and beam sabers. The kit also includes beam effects and a special hand part for stable beam rifle handling.

    Shield: The shield is detailed with rich surface molds and consists of three colors. It features a mount structure for storing and deploying the beam axe, which can transform into an offensive weapon with attached effect parts. The central grenade launcher can be attached to the beam rifle, and the beam axe can achieve a beam naginata state with a long trajectory effect.

    Beam Rifle: Similar to the Sinanju’s rifle, this weapon includes a grenade launcher at the bottom of its slender, long barrel.

    Beam Axe: Stored on the back of the shield, it comes with special effect parts to create a luminescent appearance.

    The ReBawoo has a separation and transformation system that allows it to transition from mobile suit to two flying forms: Rebawoo Attacker and Rebawoo Nutter. This procedure is intended to be simple and efficient, with fewer assembly processes. Both flight shapes can be used with Action Base 1 (available separately) to create standalone displays that replicate airborne scenes.

    Water Transfer Decals
    Katoki Hajime developed the kit's water transfer decals, which offer a high level of realism and authenticity to the model.

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